HDIF’s Reflections and Recommendations 2013-2018

The report is divided into three chapters that share a series of insights and put forward recommendations based on HDIF’s experiences. In particular, the report identifies three key lessons that have helped to shape the programme (see Summary of Recommendations on page 6). Fostering innovation in a rapidly evolving ecosystem such as Tanzania is complex and requires being open to continuously learning and adapting to fluctuations and changes. Chapter 1 looks at what HDIF has learned as a result of being embedded within the rapidly changing innovation ecosystem, and makes recommendations on how best to support the connections and collaborations required for an ecosystem to function effectively. Chapter 2 explores what HDIF has learned about catalysing innovations in an early-stage ecosystem through  tailored approaches that respond to the needs of an individual innovation, and that can be adapted at different stages of the innovation journey. Chapter 3 captures HDIF’s approach to fostering a culture of learning across the team, with partners and grantees, to support the adaptations that are necessary within any innovation programme of this scale and ambition.

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