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DFID identified a lack of innovation in Tanzania as a barrier to improved social service delivery. Although there was (and is) considerable support for innovation and new technologies at the highest level, capacity to implement this effectively is lacking. Innovation, and a culture of innovation, as well as support to the innovation ecosystem was clearly needed.


HDIF innovation ecosystem outcomes

HDIF has worked to support the innovation ecosystem through providing financial support to ecosystem actors through the Institutional Capacity Building (ICB) program, as well as supporting the Commission for Science and Technology (COSTECH), Buni Hub, and running the Mawazo Challenge.

The innovation ecosystem in Tanzania has developed rapidly over the past five years with increasing numbers of individuals and institutions stepping up and becoming more active, visible and connected than ever before. During this time, the country’s ranking in the Global Innovation Index has climbed 26 positions (from 123 in 2013 to 97 in 2019).


Highlights from this work include:

  • Increase in the Global Innovation Index for Tanzania from 123in 2013 to 97 in 2019
  • Supporting five hubs in the ICB program
  • 10 Mawazo Winners


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