HDIF is keen to make sure that the outreach about the work of the programme and the development of innovation ecosystem in Tanzania is getting quality publicity. This was one of the objectives of holding a media workshop with editors and senior journalist in February 2019. The workshop, themed “The Role of Media in Promoting Innovations in Tanzania”, discussed the position of Tanzania in the global innovation map, work done by HDIF, challenges and opportunities in reporting innovations, and steps to be taken to improve both the quality and coverage of innovations by journalists in the country.

The workshop was attended by Editors and Journalists from various media companies including ITV, The Citizen, The Guardian, Michuzi blog and so forth. The programme started with presentations from HDIF Team Leader, Deputy Team Leader, Technical Director and Strategic Partnership Advisor, followed by Q&A session and a panel discussion which focused on “The role of the media in promoting innovation in Tanzania”. The panel discussion was led by Mosoud Kipanya who is one of the experienced media personnel from Clouds Media and well informed and experienced panelists; Absalom Kibanda -Managing Editor of New habari Corperation, Bakari Machumu-Executive Editor Mwananchi Communications Ltd and Pili Mtambalike- Veteran Journalist who was a Programme Officer at the Media Council of Tanzania.

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