As our HDIF grantee VecnaCares closes its portable e-records project, a two-day workshop was conducted to disseminate the project results to stakeholders. Day one brought together the relevant hospital departments and users who took part in the project implementation period either as managers or end users in order to share their experiences, challenges and success stories and propose recommendations for improvement beyond the funding period.

Day two of the workshop brought together maternity ward nurses and doctors, hospital ICT and heath records staffs from Mnazi Mmoja Hospital and other stakeholders who, directly or indirectly, contributed to the implementation of the Portable E-records project, share their experiences, give views and opinions, and make suggestions or recommendations for improvement.

The VecnaCares project which has been implemented since 2016 in the Mnazi Mmoja Hospital Zanzibar has had several successes along the project pathway including registering over 9000 patients on the CliniPAK Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system, the mobile application has included health messages to over 1,700 patients – roughly 25 per cent of the EMR patients, a total of 70 nurses have been trained on EMR system use and mobile application support and Seven system administrators have been trained in application support and maintenance

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