Nanofilter is an invention from Tanzania, a low-cost water purification system that increases access to safe and clean water, removing waterborne diseases as well as harmful levels of minerals like fluoride which has been supported by the Human Development Innovation Fund and the Nelson Mandela African Institute of Science and Technology (NM-AIST). The filter has been implemented in an innovative new business model, 90 Nanofilter water stations owned by Gongali Model Co. Ltd have been established. The project has been very successful, resulting in 250,000 beneficiaries accessing clean water, instead of the originally anticipates 100,000 . Among other success stories of Gongali, it has also provided employment to 90 young ladies (aged 18 – 30) to work as operators. The project also employed 15 Nanofilter staff in the main office, and provides a further 130 jobs to self-employed businessmen, local entrepreneurs, welders, guards and many more.

With this new business model of 90 water stations, the sustainability of this product is assured even after the end of HDIF support. Nanofilter has won 9 different awards, including World Health Organization (WHO) Health Prize 2019. You can read more from the WHO through this link.

In April, Gongali Model and NM-AIST conducted a dissemination event to share the work that has been done on the Nanofilter with HDIF support, that brought together about 250 people from NM-AIST Community and Top Leadership and from various institutions (including the other project partners, Gongali and A-Z) and important government stakeholders including the Arusha Regional Medical and Health Officers, the City Council of Arusha, and the Arusha Water Department.

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