With support from HDIF, World Vision Tanzania (WVT) designed the Cycle of Transformation (COT) programme to improve student learning in secondary schools and vocational colleges, increase employment and enable technology entrepreneurship –all through technology access, ‘21st-century’ training, and work-based learning through school-based student-run enterprises (SBSREs).

WVT deliver COT in partnership with Cisco, Intel, the Tanzania Ministry of Education, the Tanzania Vocational Education and Training Authority (VETA), the Tanzania Small Industry Development Organization (SIDO).

WVT initiated the first COT by setting up computer labs in five participating institutions. Implementation teams comprising two teachers and two student helpers (‘student aids’) from each school were trained to deliver a digital literacy course and two ICT vocational courses.

Graduates from these courses went on to establish school-based student-run technology companies that in turn developed products and services needed by their community. Sales of these products and services to customers generated resources to train more students. In the process, young people gained work-based skills in technology, marketing, accounting, leadership and more. The cycle has since been repeated and adapted based on learning and experience gathered from the previous cycle.

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