The Toolkit and following Case Study on Silverleaf Academy were published by Silverleaf to support aspiring private school owners as guidelines for best practices in opening a primary school in Tanzania. The Toolkit walks through the reader through the regulatory process of opening a school site, from site identification to school opening. The Toolkit also provides a summary of key challenges to opening a private primary school, as well as strategic recommendations for success. Immediately following the Toolkit are links to resource points for completing the school registration process. As part of this work was funded through HDIF, we are pleased to reshare the Case Study and Toolkit here on our website.

The supplementing Case Study on Silverleaf Academy is intended to act as lessons learned for the education sector in Tanzania. Sharing the knowledge learned by Silverleaf in its first year and a half of operations will improve awareness and efficiency throughout the sector for the government, donors, and aspiring private schools on the obstacles aspiring private schools face, as well as recommendations on how to mitigate
against these challenges in future school openings.



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