Project Background

Education has the power to transform lives. Equipped with skills, knowledge, and confidence, educated children have the potential to lift themselves out of
poverty and reach their full capacity. Yet problems such as under-resourcing, poor infrastructure, and low levels of attendance – particularly at the secondary level – have meant that Tanzania has struggled to make its vision of ‘education for all’ a reality.
Shule Direct is a Tanzanian social enterprise whose goal is to provide local and accessible digital educational content for young learners across Tanzania and Africa to improve their learning outcomes. The organisation works with qualified teachers to create digitised learning notes for 13 secondary school subjects, as well as tutorials, quizzes, and multimedia content. It delivers these via web and mobile platforms, and also as an offline learning management system.
The enterprise delivers web and mobile platforms as supplementary and alternative solutions to the knowledge and information divide for secondary school students. Along with the secondary school curriculum, it offers life skills and financial education content via a web platform, a mobile application
for android and iOS, an SMS platform and an offline learning management system for schools.

Project Description

Makini SMS aims to reach the most marginalised students in the poorest areas of the country and address some of the pertinent problems of under resourced schools by infusing e-learning and mobile learning as a supplement to classroom-based teaching. It promotes independent learning and the ability for
a student to learn anywhere, anytime, and can be accessed from even the most basic of mobile phones with limited multimedia and internet capabilities.
Students can access short lessons; attempt unlimited revision questions; and also be able to ask and get real-time responses on different academic and student support matters through the ‘Ask Ticha Kidevu’ feature.
Ticha Kidevu, an imaginary character, is Shule Direct’s genius teacher who is cool, relatable, and also very tech-savvy.

Project Results

  • In excess of 70,000 students have accessed Makini SMS via mobile subscriptions and over 100,000 students have accessed Makini SMS content via the Shule Direct web platform. More than 80,000 students have accessed Makini SMS content on Shule Direct’s Android mobile application.
  • In addition to accessing short lessons and quiz content, subscribers have also been able to receive personalised help through the ‘Ask Ticha Kidevu’ feature, where over 50,000 questions have been posted.
  • Shule Direct’s offline learning management system has been licensed in over 80 schools and centres across Tanzania.
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