Efforts to encourage positive attitudes and behaviours towards sanitation and hygiene are in vain if those being targeted have no desire to change or feel that tradition is a stronger force than innovation. Campaigns based on a ‘push’ model whereby implementers and policymakers try to tell people what they should do based on their policy or social change agenda frequently fail. Young people, who are most suspicious of messaging from adults, and least easy to reach with conventional media, are particularly hard to reach using this type of top-down approach.

Well Told Story produces
Shujaaz (“Heroes”) comic, a two-time Emmy Award-winning, multi-media communications platform that uses rigorous research and user-centred design to inspire and motivate millions of young Tanzanians and Kenyans to take action to improve their lives and engage with urgent issues that shape their future. With HDIF funding, WTS will use the Shujazz brand to improve the low uptake of WASH behaviors in Tanzania with specific focus on increasing positive menstrual hygiene practices, appropriate handwashing behaviors and an increase in the number of youth and adults using hygienic sanitation facilities. 

WTS has developed a two-year persuasion strategy executed through a monthly campaign which, in particular, aims to increase the understanding of young people aged 10–24 of positive WASH behaviours and promote access to affordable solutions.
As part of this work, WTS had also conducted research under the ‘Ground Truth’ study to explore barriers to proper menstrual hygiene, hand washing and use of improved sanitation among youth across the country. From these findings, the
team has defined the WASH persuasion strategy for each segment of the audience (messages, ask and creative tactics for all Shujaaz media) to frame the narrative, characters and role models to be included.
Shujaaz has built on three elements to help reach a critical mass of youth with positive attitudes towards new WASH behaviours:

  • Scale: Young Tanzanians find it easy to access Shujaaz in millions of free comic books, syndicated FM radio, online and social media, SMS and
    live events.
  • Authenticity: All media content is created by young people themselves to be highly relevant, compelling and entertaining with role-model characters.
  • Value: WTS works with other like-minded partners to create persuasion strategies that create value to the youth at a time in their life when the need for peer /society recognition is the greatest.
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