HDIF is working to address this issue by challenging innovators to design with greater involvement from women and girls, placing their needs at the heart of what they do and making them central actors in the creation, use and scale-up of their work. Abella Bateyunga, a long-term partner of HDIF, believes that for technology to be truly recognised as a force for positive change, a more gender inclusive approach to STEAM and ICT education is needed.

Her response has been to set up ‘She Codes for Change’ (SCC), a Tanzanian tech mentorship project which aims to close the gender gap in the technology sector by educating, inspiring and equipping high girls with the skills and tools they need to compete on a more equal footing with men in the tech job market.

Abella and her team nurture young girls’ interest in STEAM subjects during the early stages of their career choices by providing them with four weeks of intensive instruction in computer gaming, web app development and an introduction to electronics and app making. Since its launch in 2016, SCC has trained 428 girls and 32 teachers across Tanzania.

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