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About Innovation Week Tanzania.

Innovation Week is a free platform that hosts a week-long series of collaborative events and exhibitions in Tanzania, curated by the Human Development Innovation Fund (HDIF), Commission of Science and Technology (COSTECH), in partnership with other innovation stakeholders, and with hitherto the support from the UKAid. This year, HDIF and COSTECH are joined by another strategic partner, UNDP, to bring to you another eventful and impactful week, and make the Innovation Week Tanzania as sustainable as it can be.


The Innovation Week as a platform has steadily grown from the modest start in 2015 with around 500 attendees to 2020 with over 7,000 and a more national outlook. The event has provided a platform to many innovators to be seen, more stakeholders to forge meaningful partnerships, a lot of knowledge to be shared, numerous innovative initiatives to be showcased and key policy related issues to be discussed. In short, it has been a powerful and very popular event in the Tanzanian Innovation Ecosystem.

Why Innovation Week Tanzania?

The purpose of Innovation Week is to provide space for innovators, policymakers, funders, researchers, and other players in the innovation ecosystem to share what they have been working on,  learn from and inspire each other, collaborate across sectors, and transform Tanzania through the scaling of innovation. The Week aims at inspiring the current and future leaders in Tanzania to take risks on new ideas, collaborate across sectors, and transform Tanzania using innovation. We have constantly seen that when stakeholders come together, formidable partnerships can be formed and positively impact innovators and the innovation ecosystem.


Innovation Week events and exhibitions continue to be some of the most influential, educative and relevant platforms to share learnings and best practices on how to use technology and innovation for economic and social development.

key dates

The Dar es Salaam edition mainly brought together private sector stakeholders, development partners, policymakers, academic institutions, and Dar-based innovators to design and host events in line with their areas of work and take part in the exhibitions to showcase their innovations.

The Capital City Edition centered around the climax or the National Competition for Science, Technology and Innovation, also known as MAKISATU2021, organized and led by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MoEST). MAKISATU is a platform that give a chance to grassroot innovators from all over the country to showcase their innovations stand a chance to win awards and be supported to develop their prototypes further.


Besides the exhibitions by MAKISATU finalists, the grand opening and closing ceremonies were officiated by senior Government Leaders, the Dodoma edition of the innovation week also saw other ecosystem partners design and host events such as workshops, conferences, etc, to target the MAKISATU exhibitors, policy makers and the general public.

In other regions, the platform was organized and led by local ecosystem stakeholders. The content was designed and driven to align to the theme and relevance to the local context.   The other proposed regions (locations) with innovation partners who hosted previous events, or have expressed to host IWTz2021 events were:


Arusha | Ifakara (New location) | Iringa | Mbeya | Mwanza (New region) | Tanga (New region) | Zanzibar

Innovation Week 2021 - Dar es Salaam

Event summary List

  • Opening ceremony (HDIF, UNDP)
  • Role and relevance of innovation in protecting and strengthening public interest journalism (Tanzania Media Foundation)
  • Science of WHERE (Root GIS)
  • The Next Generation of Innovation Ecosystem Support Initiatives (UNDP)
  • Catalyzing Artificial intelligence for social good through grassroots communities (AI Community)
  • Young Women Breaking the Glass Ceiling (Empower Ltd)
  • The role of e-commerce in the growth of the digital economy (Deloitte)

Event summary List

  • Building an innovative and viable digital media that supports national economic growth (Nukta)
  • Presentation of research findings (NACTE)
  • Cloud Security (Soft-Tech Consultants Ltd)
  • Innovation Stories of East Africa: A Journey Through the East African Community’s Digital Innovation Ecosystems (GIZ)
  • Hack The Policy (Sahara Ventures)
  • Re-thinking Development in the 21st Century (UNDP)
  • Harnessing The Digital Economy to Rethink the Future in Developing Countries (CRDB)
  • Digital Education on spotlight (TAI)
  • Guiding Female-Centric Innovation Approaches (DOT & UNWomen)
  • Supporting the continuum of care with a coordinated, multi-level digital referral system for people-centered care (Dtree)
  • Africa’s Drone Economy- Experience of the African Drone Forum and Lessons for Tanzania (EU)
  • Rethinking innovation for a sustainable Blue Economy (Aqua-Famrs)
  • Adolescent health innovation with a person-centered digital health community referral system (Dtree) Workshops

Event summary List

  • Fireside Chat on Africa Connect (Vodacom)
  • Innovation and Investment readiness for women-led businesses (SheFound)
  • Teaching and nurturing future digital citizens (Jenga Hub)
  • Tanzania Innovation Ecosystem Data Hack (HDIF)
  • Digital innovation and the Future of Journalism (Habari Hub)
  • Digital Financial Solutions towards Tanzania’s Economic and Tech Revolution (Atrader)
  • Wazo Challenge Tanzania – Winners Announcement (Startup Reseau)
  • Climate Change As We See It : Photo Exhibition by Kadir van Lohuizen and Multimedia Art Competition Launch ( Embassy of Netherland)
  • Investment Marketplace (Ennovate Hub)
  • How NGO’s, private sector and institutions could benefit by utilizing the new community radio ecosystem in Tanzania? Case Radio Tadio (Vikes)
  • Launch of the TZ Hubs Network (HDIF)
  • Teaching at the Right Level (TaRL) Innovative (Haki Elimu)
  • Innovation Ecosystem Map Launch (HDIF)

Event summary List

  • Leading with Compassion -How to build a resilient and vibrant national innovation ecosystem through compassionate leadership skills (SafeSpace)
  • Way forward on building a vibrant and resilient economy through ICT based emerging technologies, innovations and startups (UDICTI)
  • Promoting Sustainable Tourism : A Design for Tanzania’s Safari Lodge of the Future (Embassy of Netherlands)
  • Crowdfunding Session; alternate financing and investment mechanism into SMME’s & Innovative Start-Ups (UNDP)
  • Unveiling the Fintech Landscape in Tanzania and informing the next steps towards catapulting the sector to greater heights (UNCDF)
  • How can we leverage digital technologies to improve learning outcomes for Primary School pupils in Tanzania (Shule Direct)
  • From NGO to Social Enterprise (Fingo)
  • Corporate & Innovation Ecosystem Collaboration (Vodacom)
  • Sustainable Business and Employability through Innovative Pedagogy in Higher Learning Institutions (Tudarco)
  • Driving Innovation through APIs (BEEM)
  • Resilience & Tech: Solutions for the Urban Future (Resilience Academy)
  • TEDxOysterbay
  • Shaper Talks: How can youth deliver value by embracing the essential skills, research and development tools needed in the digital economy? (Dar Shapers)

Event summary List

  • Stakeholders consultation meeting on Commercilisation of Innovations (VETA)
  • Girls first fellowship final pitch competition (Msichana Kwanza)
  • The Future of Connected Agriculture (Vodacom)
  • I Innovate (Aspire)
  • P2E-Innovation & Creativity Masterclass for females in STEM (CV People)
  • Perception on Marine litter and what innovation can do (Aqua-Farms Organization)
  • Voice Biometrics Launch event (Vodacom)
  • The Prospects of Digital Economy in Tanzania (UNDP)

Event summary List

  • From Challenges to Resilience ‘Resilience Panel’ (Seedspace & Ndoto Hub)
  • Closing ceremony (HDIF)

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