Comprehensive Community Based Rehabilitation in Tanzania (CCBRT) is the largest provider of disability and rehabilitative services in Tanzania. Since opening in 1994 as a community based rehabilitation organisation identifying clients with preventable blindness for treatment, CCBRT has grown to encompass the country’s largest specialised disability hospital –treating thousands of patients every year in four main service areas, ophthalmology, obstetric fistula, orthopaedic and reconstructive surgery, and physical rehabilitation–as well as a rehabilitation centre in Moshi, the House of Hope.

CCBRT provides treatment free of charge for all children under five and obstetric fistula and cleft lip/palate patients, and its other services are subsidized to help Tanzanians with disabilities access the care they need to manage their conditions. With ophthalmology services accounting for approximately 70% of all services provided at the Disability Hospital(DH), this is its flagship service. With few ophthalmologists in Tanzania, eye health care services are in high demand.In Dar es Salaam only, it is projected that the population growth rate is 7% 1, and this would further strain the already stretched Human Resources.

CCBRT’s ophthalmology department sees approximately 300 patients per day. With such a high volume of patients and increasing need for services in Dar es Salaam based on the increasing population, the DH needed to ensure service delivery at scale while maintaining its high quality standards. To further compound this, CCBRT is one of only three public facilities in the country providing peadiatric ophthalmology services.

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