Silverleaf Academy is a social enterprise or education operator that launched the first chain of low -cost, private, primary school in Tanzania. Founded in January 2016, Silverleaf aims to bring innovative, student centered education to low and middle-income families in order to improve educational opportunities and learning outcomes.

Silverleaf ran its initial pair of pilot program in January 2017, testing  and evaluating various pedagogical and training practices in the Tanzanian context. Based on the results of those pilots, we designed and opened our first two schools in January of 2018. Silverleaf schools provide a strong learning experience  for students that built on the development of highly -trained teachers and a competence -based curriculum. Further enhanced by multimedia content provided by our partners at Mwabu (table -based e-learning content: www.mwabu.com) and Ubongo (Tanzania-based educational entertainment: www.ubongokids.com)

This approach facilitates teachers successfully transitioning from an antiquated ‘talk and chalk’ pedagogy built on role memorization into an exciting student-centered learning environment where teachers utilize a variety of strategies to address all pupils’ learning needs. Through the development of the Silverleaf learning model, and the first two school openings, we have learned a great deal about the challenges of identifying teaching talent, developing that talent and potential innovations that could support the growth of an improved education system.



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