The Christian Social Services Commission (CSSC) is a faith-based organisation delivering education in Tanzania. Recognising that many students are challenged to fully understand the concepts of science and mathematics, CSSC forged links with an international partner with expertise in creating content for education technology (edtech) and developed the Performance Enhancement by eLearning for Secondary Schools project. The primary aim was to create a learning platform for tablet computers that would raise standards in science and mathematics. This pilot has met and addressed many challenges and will use the learning to influence government strategic planning and create the opportunity for scaling-up.  

Through the project, CSSC looked to address poor mathematics and science standards in schools with a new approach to teaching and technology at the core of the methodology. Historically, science and mathematics are taught through traditional teacher-centred methods where the teacher is active and the student is passive. There is much talk nationally about a shift towards student-centred learning but there is little evidence that this is taking place.  

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