In July this year, BORDA handed over Two feacal sludge treatment facilities to the Dar es Salaam Water Supply and Sanitation Authority (DAWASA). This took place during their handover event which was conducted in one of their sites of one of the FSTPs: Barafu sub-ward-Mburahati in Ubungo Municipality. Participants from other project areas, such as Mlalakuwa sub-ward-Makongo in Kinondoni Municipality and Wailes sub-ward-Miburani in Temeke Municipality was also present at the event. 

This project will benefit communities through the provision of faecal sludge emptying services, and the capacity of the treatment plants can serve up to 70,000 people in the project implementation areas. Also, the availability of operators trained by BORDA, introduced safe and improved pit-emptying methods through the application of small-scale, innovative emptying equipment and vehicles (i.e. motorised tricycle), which can provide services in the highly congested and unplanned areas. These service providers are also affordable to low-income households, with an emptying fee of 15,000TZS per 1m3.

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